Err Badminton Stringing Test Your Knowledge 2023

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When is the best time to use a badminton string that has just been newly strung?

New Stringing

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Which is the famous badminton racket brand in Malaysia?

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A thin string like Yonex Aerosonic can provide

Aerosonic Badminton String Err Badminton Restring

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Lower tension can provide

Lower Tension

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From the types of strings listed below, which one can provide greater durability and last longer?

Badminton String By Err Badminton Restring

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Based on your knowledge, why do you think the stringer wrapped a plastic bag on the grip, as shown in the image below?

Plastic Wrap On Badminton Grip By Err Badminton Restring

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How many feathers are there in one shuttlecock?

Badminton Shuttlecock

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Based on the image below, is this the correct way to wrap a grip?

Wrap wrong overgrip badminton stringing test by ERR Badminton 2021

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Is an overgrip considered to be thin or thick?

Karakal Overgrip Point 75 Air Err Racket Restring Singapore 05

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Open the speaker louder, listen to the hitting sounds A and B,  and what you have found?

Hitting sound A (White String)

Hitting sound B (Pink String)

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Based on the knots shown in the image below, is this a proper way to tie knots?

Badminton Knots wrong

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What is the significance of the stack and overlapping of strings shown in the image below?

Stack string

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What is the grip type shown in the image below?

Badminton Grip Maxx Mxs1 Super High Soft Pu Grip Black Err Badminton Restring Malaysia Setapak

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