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Badminton Stringing Setapak KL (Gombak)

By ERR Badminton Stringing

Find out our answer easily with access to our database, and use the stringing appointment system online whenever there is a slot, easy and convenient.

Stringing Common Questions

To understand more about your stringing inquiries, refer to our common question page. It’s almost covered almost 99% of new stringing or old restring questions and gets a higher chance of approval as becoming one of our ERR members.

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Stringing Terms & Conditions

Refer to our stringing terms and condition to be our long-term members. We have had more than 2000 members with us for more than 5 years. Most of them are good people and good players and need a higher standard of badminton stringing.

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+6 016 527 1599


+6 016 527 1599


Good Badminton Restring in Melati Utama KL Malaysia

ERR Premium Badminton Stringing KL Melati Rules

We welcome walk-in stringing but require additional time to complete it as we provide professional stringing services. Therefore, we prefer that all appointments be booked online in advance. We strive to safeguard the benefits of our members. Without an appointment, we will not be able to provide service, regardless of any negative reviews or one-star ratings received. Our goal is to ensure that all members who schedule appointments in advance receive the highest quality stringing service, which is why many have been with us for years.

Our professional badminton stringer is not driven by the need for a few dollars of stringing fees or reputation. This is how we reward ERR members, and our certified stringer feels fortunate to have only clients who prioritize quality over convenience.

Please do not worry about our policy, and thank you again to all ERR members. Stay healthy, as always!

Premium Stringing Address:
G-3 (Stringing Home) PV6 Platinum Hill Condo, No 3 Jalan Melati 3, Taman Melati Utama 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia