Why We Do Badminton Stringing

Why we do badminton stringing? Are we different from other stringing services? Yes. We are here not here to earn that few dollars of profit margin. As well known, ERR Badminton loves to share everything about badminton and provide a higher standard of professional badminton stringing.

Professional Badminton Stringing Services Kuala Lumpur KL

Why We Do

Professional Badminton Stringing Services

ERR always insists on providing professional badminton stringing services. Why? Because raising the standard of stringing indirectly raises the standard of badminton in Kuala Lumpur. For a long time, even if the stringing services are not good, people still have to pay an expensive price, which causes many to think that stringing is nothing different, and that it’s just about the model and type of string and their prices.

The worst thing is that everyone follows this business mindset for providing stringing services. That is why ERR insists on maintaining professional stringing services standards rather than a business mindset. This helps more players and badminton enthusiasts to have access to good quality standard stringing services in Kuala Lumpur. Racket restringing is not just about the cost and the string model; choosing the right stringing services can make a huge difference and help players play better and feel more comfortable on the court.

Higher Standard of Racket Restring Services ERR Badminton 2024

Why We Do

Higher Standard of Racket Restring Services

If we continue to provide a higher standard of racket restringing services, we believe that Malaysia’s badminton standard will continue to rise, benefiting not only our national players, but also competitive players, casual players, badminton enthusiasts, and even children. Why? Because according to our certified stringer, who is also a certified badminton coach in Malaysia with many years of playing experience, good quality badminton stringing can help players feel and play better.

Many of our members have realized that we use an expensive stringing machine, the highest-grade stringing tools, and strings, along with a professional stringer, his badminton knowledge, and coaching experience. We use only the best for our members. We strive to maintain a high standard of racket restringing services for everyone, helping players feel and play better on the court. To be honest, if ERR were to take a business viewpoint, with all the investments we have made and considering our stringing price list, we would certainly be losing money and wasting time.

Stringing Service Only Concern About Quality ERR Badminton 2023

Why We Do

Stringing Service Only Concern About Quality

If our certified stringer is only concerned about how much they can earn from stringing services, they cannot provide good quality stringing for their members. Why? Because if they are only focused on making money, they may string the racket too fast, which compromises the quality of the service. This is why you can see many pre-weave stringing methods offered by casual stringers, husband and wife teams, and others. As each stringer only has two hands and one stringing machine, stringing for a long time can be tiring, strain the eyes, and be time-consuming.

To increase revenue, some shops may add another stringer or string faster without paying attention to quality. That’s why we see some certified shops with many unsatisfied customers who complain that their stringing is overpriced, and they feel nothing fantastic about the stringing quality other than the stringing certificate. At ERR, we ensure quality stringing by limiting the number of rackets we string per day to a maximum of eight, to give each racket the attention it deserves.

Proper Stringing and Share Badminton Knowledge ERR Badminton 2024

Why We Do

Proper Stringing and Share Badminton Knowledge

After many years in the Malaysia and Singapore badminton and stringing industry, not many players or badminton enthusiasts truly understand much about badminton, as most of them treat it as just an exercise sport, while education is a higher priority to them. Our aim is to provide proper stringing services and share our badminton knowledge with these players and badminton enthusiasts.

We believe that continuing to do this can help the community create a better standard for the next generation. Although our badminton is not as famous as other countries that have produced top players, we strongly believe that by doing our part and providing proper stringing services and sharing correct badminton knowledge, Malaysia’s badminton standards will continue to improve, and more and more talented local Malaysian players will emerge.

More Consistent Quality Badminton Stringing Singapore ERR Badminton

Why We Do

More Consistent Quality Badminton Stringing

According to our stringer, he is not only a professional stringer but also an active badminton player. Based on his experiences, consistent stringing can help him play better in the game. Consistent stringing means that the player can feel the string tension, string bed, and hitting sound consistently and comfortably while using it. For instance, if an aggressive player has chosen a quick stringing service with a tension of 28 lbs, the string bed may become inconsistent due to the stringer’s rush to string quickly, resulting in the string bed being softer than the requested tension, like tension 26 lbs.

This can cause the player to hit the shuttle out and lose the point, leading to an unnecessary problem. This is the reason why ERR prefers to provide more consistent and high-quality badminton stringing, even if it takes a longer time to complete a racket. We ensure that our members get consistent and high-quality badminton stringing, which helps them play better and avoid unnecessary errors on the court.

Badminton Restring Service that Players Can Feel Better 2023 ERR Badminton Restring

Why We Do

Badminton Restring Service that Players Can Feel Better

Good badminton players understand that if a stringer provides high-quality badminton restringing that makes them feel better, they will always go back to the same stringer. Feeling better means that when they use the racket on the court, they can feel that the hitting sound and string tension are just right, and everything feels comfortable.

So, whenever the string breaks, they will only think of going back to the same stringer. We know this because many of our ERR members have given us positive feedback after using our proper badminton stringing services. At ERR, we understand that our members pay for our quality stringing, not because we are cheap or fast, but because we provide badminton restringing services that make players feel good and comfortable. We appreciate your reading!