Stringing Terms and Conditions

Please read and accept our terms and conditions before or after becoming a member of ERR. We are committed to continuously providing our members with added value, not just limited to professional badminton stringing in Kuala Lumpur (KL) Malaysia.

Please be aware that we only offer stringing services for appointments made online. All stringing appointments must be made through our online booking system for any reason. We do not make exceptions for anyone who believes they can bypass our rules simply because they are a customer and have money. If you cannot comply with our rules, we kindly ask that you do not join us.

Please note that we do not offer any direct walk-ins without a prior appointment. We cannot entertain any exceptions, regardless of the reason, and we kindly request that you do not inquire about walk-ins via WhatsApp, as such messages will be ignored.

Please note that our stringer strictly follows the schedule of our online booking system. We do not manually reserve slots or accept bookings via phone calls, as it is unproductive. All stringing slot availability can be checked on our online booking system.

As usual, national players or athletes from sports schools must use a CPS account to book for stringing, as the slot availability for these accounts is different and allows booking up to 3 days in advance compared to casual accounts. If you were referred by a friend, kindly inform our stringer, and they will issue you a CPS account to reduce your waiting time.

Our stringer typically prepares the strings, labels, grips, and everything necessary for each stringing appointment one day in advance, for the entire day’s schedule. Therefore, if a member makes last-minute changes to the string or stringing details, it can be unproductive for the stringer, and they reserve the right to cancel the appointment.

Regardless of any member’s status, if they are late more than three times or frequently late, their appointment and the right to book appointments will be canceled and their account will also be terminated. The reason for this is that our stringers will have reserved their time for the booked appointment, and being late or not showing up on time can disrupt their schedule. The next appointment might be affected as well.

Please note that each stringing slot in our system is designated for a single racket only. If you book a single slot and arrive with three rackets, asking for them to be strung on the spot, the stringer has the right to cancel your appointment and terminate your account. It is important to keep in mind that we have more than 2,500 members, not just a few hundred, and this does not include casual members. As a result, there is always someone coming for stringing services during each hour.

Please note that if your account is terminated and you create a new account or use another account, it will also be terminated, and we will not accept your racket even if it has reached our premises. Our stringer appreciates friendly people but will not tolerate those with bad character and will not give them any chances.

Please be aware that if any member requests a discount, their account will be terminated immediately and permanently. We strive to provide the highest quality professional stringing services at a very competitive price, significantly lower than those offered by unprofessional stringers in the market. However, if a member insists on requesting a discount, it may be seen as an insult to our stringers and they may refuse to provide their services to that member in the future.

Please be advised that if you are a first-time or existing member and you book an appointment but do not show up, or fail to update the stringer about any changes, your account will be permanently terminated. ERR always strives to maintain a high-quality standard of service, including not only professional stringing but also a clean and peaceful environment for all members.

Stringing Terms & Conditions Malaysia Kuala Lumpur KL ERR Badminton