How to Book
Stringing Services

Follow ERR Badminton Restring’s instructions on how to book a restringing appointment that complies with our rules in order to have your strings completed and enjoy the benefits of becoming an ERR member.
Last Updated: 3 Jan 2023

All applications and services for members must be completed online, especially for professional stringing services. Please follow the steps outlined below,

Step 1

To apply for membership or login into the stringing portal, please click on the ‘BOOK’ button or Click here.



Step 2

Check the availability of stringing slots, and choose the appropriate service options for your badminton stringing.



Step 3

Submit your stringing appointment and send your racket to our professional stringer on the selected date.



Want to get approved faster? Take our Knowledge Test. Once you pass the test, you can use the ID provided to apply for membership.
Please make sure to indicate your proper name so that we can verify your information quickly.

Why is it necessary to book all professional stringing services Online?

1. We aim to help members get higher-quality stringing without interruption. Our professional stringers ensure that all stringing is completed perfectly without rushing, in order to maintain the highest possible quality of stringing for every member’s racket.

2. This also helps our members protect the quality of their stringing. Our professional stringers will block anyone who has not booked an appointment and tries to walk in for stringing. We are not only here for money, but also to provide the best possible badminton stringing quality to as many players as possible.

3. We strictly reject individuals who believe they can walk in anytime and pay for stringing services like regular customers. Our professional stringers are passionate badminton players who prioritize stringing quality, skills, and standards above money. Therefore, we do not entertain such individuals.

The intention of ERR Membership for the past 10 years

1. ERR promises that all members will receive the highest level of stringing quality for their racket restringing services.

2. We believe that all members should be respectful and treat each other well.

3. Our stringers have the authority to remove any bad members from the community, leaving only those with good character, friendly personalities, and positive attitudes. This helps to maintain a higher standard of membership within the community.

4. As is well known, our stringers are professional players and stringers who do not tolerate individuals with poor character or those who try to negotiate lower prices.

5. We reward members with good character by doubling their benefits.