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Our stringing machine is not only the best, but we also maintain accuracy and precision to ensure that our restringing services are always of the highest quality standard, serving our members with the best stringing services.

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Badminton Stringing Machine Info

ERR uses the Yonex Protech 8 Series electronic stringing machine to serve our members. As well known, all along we aim to To provide services to players of all levels in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. However, relying solely on the machine is not enough as the accuracy of the stringing machine’s mean tension will decline after some time, especially with high usage. To ensure we deliver the best badminton stringing services with precision, calibration of our stringing machine is imperative.

Calibration is a critical service that guarantees the machine maintains its accuracy within tolerance levels. ERR needs to ensure that the stringing machines we use to serve our members are calibrated to meet the manufacturer’s recommended accuracy standards. We have found that calibration is a key factor in producing high-quality badminton stringing. As a result, we send our Yonex tension head to a certified laboratory for re-calibration every six months.

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Certificate of Calibration for Stringing Machine Tension Head

In addition, we recognize the value of third-party verification to ensure the optimal performance of our stringing machine. By sending it for calibration to a recognized laboratory, such as the SAC calibration laboratory, which is accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. This way, we are able to provide the best accurate stringing service. We have received positive feedback from badminton enthusiasts, competitive players, and even national athletes who appreciate the superior feel of our stringing. This is a testament to our commitment to calibration. We are dedicated to calibration, and this serves as proof of our unwavering commitment.

Furthermore, we have requested a specific calibration set point for our tension head, ranging from 24 to 32 lbs/pounds, to ensure the utmost accuracy in our service. Every morning before starting work, our certified stringer carefully cleans, performs a tension check using a tension tester, and warms up the YONEX tension head for 10 minutes prior to restringing. Although Yonex notes that the warm-up function is an important step, the details are beyond the scope of this discussion. A point worth noting is that most stringing machines do not include this warm-up function, highlighting our dedication to performing a daily warm-up before stringing badminton.

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The Key to Perfect Badminton Stringing

In addition to warming up the stringing machine, regular cleaning of the clamp is equally important. While some may think that the string clamp does not affect the quality of stringing, it is actually a crucial element. Owning a good machine alone does not guarantee success in stringing, as one also needs to possess the proper knowledge and skills to operate it effectively. At ERR, our Certified Stringer possesses the necessary expertise to balance the machine and stringing skills to ensure optimal string expansion.

We do not solely rely on an expensive stringing machine and calibration to ensure quality. Even the world’s most accurate machine, such as the YONEX PROTECH 8, requires calibration to validate its performance, as we understand that “World no.1” is merely a marketing label and data-driven proof is crucial. To illustrate, a Ferrari engine, no matter how fast it is, requires servicing after prolonged use. Therefore, calibration of the stringing machine is an important requirement.

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Calibration of Clamps: Ensuring Precision in Badminton Stringing

The clamp is an important component of the stringing machine, as it can significantly impact the quality of the racket stringing. Its primary function is to secure the string after the tension has been pulled from the tension head. Over time, the clamp may become loose, and even if the arrow pointer of the clamp lock adjustment is still pointing at the middle 12 o’clock, it does not necessarily mean that the clamp tightness is sufficient. We have encountered cases where the clamp “teeth” inner was worn out, but the arrow pointer still showed the middle 12 o’clock position.

Fortunately, we detected this issue early and replaced the clamp promptly. This experience is why we are willing to invest in yearly calibration to ensure the clamp’s optimal condition. If the clamp becomes too loose, the tension will not be able to maintain its tautness, which can adversely affect the quality of the stringing. On the other hand, if the clamp is too tight, it may damage the string and reduce its durability. Hence, it is crucial to acknowledge that the clamp’s performance has a significant impact on the quality of badminton stringing.

Racket Restring Clamp Calibration Certificate 2018 Due 2019 ERR Badminton Stringing 2024

Stringing Clamp Calibration Certificate

Our Certified Stringer meticulously checks every calibration point with reference to the calibration certificate to ensure optimal results. By sending our stringing machine for calibration, we are confident that the clamp is always maintained within accepted tolerance. The calibration point of the Clamp is typically set between 0.55 and 0.60mm, which is the gauge range most commonly used in badminton stringing.

With the launch of the world’s thinnest badminton string, the KIZUNA Z58 Premium, in 2018, ERR has included a new calibration point of 0.55mm to accommodate this development. Since 2007, ERR has proudly included National and Ex-National Players among our members in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Singapore. Until today 2023, we remain committed to delivering exceptional stringing quality that meets the international tournament standard for all our members.

Badminton Stringing Machine ERR Badminton Restring Johor Bahru 2024 ERR Badminton Stringing 2024

Manufacturer of the Yonext Protech 8 Series Stringing Machine

The YONEX PROTECH 8 Series Stringing Machine is an advanced electronic device manufactured in Japan. This machine is exclusively used by the Yonex International Stringing Team and is highly regarded by tournament professionals. Its reliable and accurate performance has made it a trusted tool for precise stringing operations.

With its multi-voltage functions and superior usability, the PROTECH 8 offers world-class reliability. The Touch Screen (Diablo) of this machine is able to produce string tension to within 0.5 lbs, allowing us to cater to the diverse requirements of our players.

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Experience World-Class Reliability with the Yonex Protect 8 Stringing Machine

While there are several new stringing machines on the market, such as the Yonex Precision 9.0 and Protech 8 Deluxe, our preference remains for the Yonex PROTECH 8 Stringing Machine. Our stringer has held a deep admiration for this particular stringing machine since 2014, drawn to its striking golden color and overall high-class appearance. The mounting area of the PROTECH 8 machine is strategically positioned to allow for more than 30,000 racket stringing operations due to its advanced mechanism.

The new tilting mechanism can be adjusted between 0 to 15 degrees for the stringer’s comfort, while the ultra-secure 6-point frame mounting system and three separate tension activation switches make the stringing process even more efficient. Additionally, the machine features a large work tray with a non-slip coating and comes with a premium tool kit and lightweight aluminum string clamps. Thank you for reading!