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After years of providing badminton stringing services in KL Malaysia, our certified stringer has found that many badminton players still lack knowledge when it comes to stringing their rackets.

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It’s not necessary to know how to do badminton stringing, but it’s important to learn the right way to communicate with the stringer and choose the right stringing service for your needs.

ERR Racket Restring will guide you on how to differentiate the cost of stringing and choose the best quality for your badminton racket. To begin with, there are four things that you should discard or set aside.

1. String color – You prioritize string color over proper stringing.

2. Cost for stringing service – I always prefer cheap stringing.

3. Lead time – I need the stringing to be completed quickly.

4. Discount – I am requesting more discounts as I send more rackets for stringing.

If you fall into any of the four categories mentioned above, you can read the section that is relevant to you or read all of them to gain knowledge. This is especially important if you are a beginner or at the intermediate stage of play. We will provide detailed explanations on each topic to ensure that you do not make any mistakes when sending your racket for stringing in Malaysia.

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1. Importance of String Color in Badminton Stringing Services

Are you someone who loves a particular string color? Most badminton players choose their favorite color to match their racket, and we are no exception. However, from a stringer’s perspective, many stringers in Malaysia are unable to offer a wide variety of color options. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, most stringers in Malaysia are part-timers. Secondly, the demand for badminton stringing in the market is generally low, especially with the Circuit Breaker in effect in 2023.

In addition, professional stringing methods take more time and effort to complete. When the market demand is low, not all string models and colors can be sold quickly. This means that if stringers keep unpopular stock, such as only 100 packs of a particular string, it may take them up to two years to sell everything.

Another concern with keeping string stock is the quality of the strings after some time. Each pack of string costs around $7 to $13, which means that if a stringer keeps 100 packs of string at $7 each, it amounts to $700. For this reason, the stringer may prefer to save $700 and avoid the risk of an expired string. Therefore, they may only stock more popular string colors, such as the BG66 Ultimax, which has higher demand. For more information about badminton string, you can read a detailed explanation here.

Our advice is to choose a professional stringer in your area and select a string color based on their availability. By doing so, you can have the best of both worlds – superior stringing quality to improve your performance and your preferred color. Additionally, your chosen stringer will appreciate your understanding in selecting a string color that they have in stock.

How to Determine the Cost of Stringing Services Professional Stringing Services KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2024

2. How to Determine the Cost of Stringing Services

Everyone in KL (Kuala Lumpur) wants to find affordable stringing services, and we are no exception. However, it can be challenging to determine whether your money is being spent wisely and whether you are being charged a fair price. There are several factors that can affect the cost of badminton stringing, and understanding these can help you determine whether the price is reasonable or not.

When it comes to stringing machines, there are two main types: manual and digital. The manual stringing machine uses a crank and is typically cheaper, but it lacks precision and accuracy. The digital stringing machine, on the other hand, is more expensive but offers greater accuracy, depending on the brand and model. For more information on the different types of stringing machines, you can refer to a detailed guide here.

When it comes to badminton string, there are two options: fake and original. Fake string is cheaper but has poor performance, while Original string is priced at a medium range and offers a better playing experience. For more information on why it’s better to use original badminton string, you can refer to a detailed explanation here.

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Stringer Background and Stringing Intention

When it comes to stringing services, some stringers in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur may not have certification or a professional background. However, not having a certification doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not skilled. In comparison, certified stringers may charge a higher fee. For more information on certified stringers, you can refer to a detailed guide here.

There are two main types of badminton stringing methods: pre-weave and empty frame. The pre-weave method is considered outdated and inferior, with inaccurate tension, a faster drop in tension, and a softer string bed within a week, which can impact the durability of the string and the racket frame’s lifetime. The empty frame method is recognized by international standards and is the preferred method for tournament play. It provides accurate tension and enhances the string’s durability, resulting in a longer lifespan.

The four factors mentioned above are the main considerations that affect the cost of badminton stringing services from a stringer.

Our recommendation is to choose a certified stringer who uses an electronic stringing machine and an empty frame stringing method. Additionally, we suggest using the original string for the best playing experience.

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3. Lead Time for Urgent Badminton Stringing

Like everyone else, we understand that customers want their rackets to be strung quickly. However, it can be challenging to accommodate urgent requests when customers arrive without prior notice. Rushing the stringing process may compromise the quality of the stringing, resulting in a lower quality job. Therefore, it is essential to consider the timing and schedule of the stringer to ensure that the job is done well.

If a customer suddenly shows up without prior notice, it can disrupt the stringer’s schedule for the day. While some stringers may still accept the job to earn money, rushing the stringing process may compromise the quality of the job. This is especially true if the customer is not a big spender or a well-known player like Lee Chong Wei. Stringing fees can be as low as $15 or $18, and after factoring in the cost of materials, the stringer may only earn about $10 or less in labor charges. Therefore, it’s unlikely that the stringer will rush the job with a high level of care or attention.

Protecting Your Badminton Racket from Damage Professional Stringer Certified Stringing 2024

4. Protecting Your Badminton Racket from Damage

It’s important to protect your badminton racket from damage during the stringing process. A professional stringer will typically check the grommets before starting to string the racket, as they know that grommets need to be replaced after being used 3-4 times with high-tension stringing. If the grommets are damaged and not replaced with new ones, the racket’s frame hole can become damaged, resulting in a sinking effect as shown in the photo. However, if the client needs the racket back quickly, some stringers may not change the grommets due to the additional time required to do so.

If you want high-quality badminton stringing, we recommend making an appointment with the stringer in advance so they can plan their schedule and allocate enough time to do the job properly. When the stringer has enough time to do the stringing, they can do the job comfortably and with greater attention to detail. This is how high-quality badminton stringing can be achieved.

Is it Good to Expect More Discounts for Stringing Multiple Rackets Professional Stringing Services by Certified Stringer ERR 2024

5. Is it Good to Expect More Discounts for Stringing Multiple Rackets?

If you have multiple badminton rackets that need stringing, you may be wondering if it’s reasonable to expect a discount. However, badminton stringing services are different from buying products in bulk, where you can get a discount for purchasing a certain quantity. Unlike buying products, stringing cannot be done in bulk, and each racket needs to be strung individually, which takes time and requires skill.

Many players assume that they will receive a discount for stringing multiple rackets, but this is not always the case. In reality, each racket requires the same amount of time and attention to complete with proper stringing methods, regardless of whether you have one or multiple rackets. Therefore, it may not be reasonable to expect a discount for stringing multiple rackets.

Proper badminton stringing requires 30 to 45 minutes to complete for each racket. Therefore, if you have five rackets, it would take around 3 hours and 20 minutes to complete them all. As a stringer, this can be incredibly tiring and cause eye strain.

Our advice is to check the price list from the stringer and determine if the cost is affordable for you. If the cost is reasonable, it’s recommended to make an appointment with the stringer. If not, it may be beneficial to look for other badminton stringing services that you feel are willing to pay for.

Finally, we hope that you have learned something from these four aspects of badminton stringing in Malaysia. If you have any further questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us through our contact form, and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you!