Li-Ning E5000 Electronic Stringing Machine In Depth Review

Li-Ning E5000 Electronic Stringing Machine In Depth Review 2023

Li-Ning E5000 Badminton Stringing Machine Review by ERR Badminton Restring Malaysia

As a professional stringer running ERR Badminton Restring Malaysia, I’m always researching the latest badminton stringing machines to find the right balance of quality, performance and value for recreational players. In this in-depth review, I’ll be taking a close look at the Li-Ning E5000 electronic stringing machine to see how it stacks up for personal and club use.

Overview of Li-Ning Brand and Products

Li-Ning is one of the most popular sporting goods brands in China, specializing in equipment for badminton, tennis, and other racket sports. While not as well known as international brands like Yonex and Babolat, Li-Ning offers a more affordable alternative for players looking for quality gear.

They offer a full range of badminton products including rackets, shoes, shuttles, and accessories. Their stringing machines are designed to be high-performing yet budget-friendly options for recreational and club players.

The Li-Ning badminton stringing machine E5000 sits in their mid-range electronic stringing machine lineup. It’s packed with features to provide an accessible upgrade over basic manual stringing, while costing a fraction of premium electronic machines.

Key Features and Benefits of Li-Ning E5000

The Li-Ning E5000 comes well equipped with both performance enhancing and convenience features:

Controlled Computerized Tensioning

E5000 Stringing Machine Tension Head Review by ERR Badminton Restring 2023
  • Microprocessor controlled with LED display allows accurate and consistent tension settings from 20kg to 70kg (44 lbs to 154lbs).
  • Programmable memory stores custom string tension profiles.
  • Constant pull eliminates guesswork and over/under tensioning.

6 Point Mounting System


  • Secures racket firmly in 6 places around the frame to prevent distortion during stringing.
  • Advanced locking system compared to basic 4 point mounts.

Quick Action Clamps

E5000 Stringing Machine Stringing Clamp Review by ERR Badminton Restring 2023
  • Spring-assisted clamps with adjustable knobs provides fast and secure string clamping.
  • Larger clamp base release buttons speed up stringing.
  • Roller handle makes clamping smooth and easy on the hands.

Lockable Base

  • Base locks during tensioning to prevent frame movement for added stringing consistency.

Height Adjustable Stand

E5000 Stringing Machine Stand Review by ERR Badminton Restring 2023
  • Smoothly adjusts from tabletop height up to standing height.
  • Hidden crank handle prevents snagging strings.

Storage Drawer

  • Rotating drawer neatly organizes tools and accessories.
  • Convenient access while stringing.

Premium Construction

  • Brushed steel frame and quality components offer durability.
  • Professionally CNC machined parts ensure consistently high build quality.

Stringing Tools Included

  • Comes complete with cutters, awl, clamps, pliers and other essential tools.
  • Saves on additional costs to get started.

This comprehensive set of features provides recreational players with professional-level stringing capabilities in an affordable package.

Stringing Performance for Recreational Play

While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of RM20,000,00 in Malaysia + electronic machines aimed at pro stringers, the badminton stringing machine E5000 provides impressive stringing performance for casual players:

  • The computerized tensioner is accurate to +/- 1% from 20kg to 70kg (44 lbs to 154lbs) tensions. More than adequate for most synthetic and natural gut strings.
  • I found the stringbed quality equal or better than basic manual cranks. Far more consistent without high friction areas.
  • The 6 point mounting kept frames solidly in place without movement or distortion of string holes during pulling.
  • Spring clamps allow fast clamping and repositioning. The handy roller handles reduce hand strain.
  • Helpful features like stand height adjustment, tool storage, and racket lock made stringing ergonomic.

For recreational use, the badminton stringing machine E5000 delivered evenly tensioned and quality stringbeds. It’s a significant upgrade over basic manual machines in terms of accuracy, consistency, and ease of use.

The constant pull tensioner, smooth clamps, and sturdy frame offer an accessible electronic stringing experience without the steep learning curve or high cost.

Customizing Tensions and String Profiles

While lacking extremely sophisticated customization, there are useful tension settings recreational players can tailor:

  • Adjust mains tension from 20kg to 70kg (44 lbs to 154lbs) in 1kg increments.
  • Set a different cross string tension, also from 20kg to 70kg (44 lbs to 154lbs) .
  • Create and save up to 10 custom profiles with unique mains and crosses tensions.
  • Adjust the string gripper pulling speed from slow, medium and fast.

This level of customization covers the needs of most non-professional players who want to experiment with different tensions and hybrid setups.

Advanced controls like multi-profilestep tensioning, constant pull tensioning with pre-stretching, and tension decay compensation found in high-end electronic machines are not included. But the E5000 has more than enough versatility for a casual player’s requirements.

Durability and Longevity

Li-Ning uses quality components and brushed steel in the E5000 construction. Based on my testing the frame feels rigid and the mechanisms operate smoothly.

However, it may not match the 10+ year lifespan of professional machines from brands like Babolat. The 1 year warranty also reflects its recreational market positioning.

One forum user did report a power switch failure after 2 years requiring replacement. So while it should provide years of consistent use with proper maintenance, it’s longevity remains unproven compared to top models.

Thankfully replacement parts appear available, but may require some effort to source internationally as a non-common brand.

Value for Investment

Priced around RM20,000,00, the Li-Ning E5000 costs a fraction of pro-level electronic machines that run from RM20,000,00 to RM30,000,00.

It’s a significant upgrade in quality and capability over basic manual cranks usually priced under RM5000. For a recreational player investing in their first electronic stringing machine, it’s an excellent value.

While not cheap, financing options also help make the E5000 more accessible for players who can’t afford premium machines. For the performance gains, it’s a worthwhile investment for years of consistent stringing.

For professionals and coaches stringing hundreds of badminton rackets per month, a more heavy-duty machine would be recommended. But among electronic stringers under RM4000, the E5000 leads in value.

Final Recommendation

Eric Review: For recreational, club, or young players looking to purchase their first electronic stringing machine, the Li-Ning E5000 is an easy recommendation from me.

It provides professional-quality stringing capabilities like constant pull tensioning with pre-stretching capabilities, 6 point mounting, and ergonomic standing height – all at a budget-friendly price point.

While not built for a master stringer doing 20 rackets a day, it has all the versatility needed for a casual player stringing a few rackets per month. The quality and consistency outpaces basic manual cranks.

For the price, you would be hard pressed to find an electronic machine that can match the E5000’s blend of performance, features, and value. It can save you money compared to stringing at your local shop too.

As an affordable introduction to electronic stringing machines, the Li-Ning E5000 earns a strong 4.5 out of 5 star rating from me. Recreational players looking to upgrade won’t find a better performing and price accessible option.

Frequently Asked Questions

The E5000 has an adjustable tension range from 20kg to 70kg in 1kg increments. Suitable for most recreational string setups.

Yes, the E5000 has storage for up to 10 custom tension profiles that you can quickly recall.

With proper care and maintenance, expect 5+ years of consistent performance. Less than premium models but built sufficiently for recreational workloads.

The constant pull electronic tensioner maintains stringbed tension and balance through multiple play sessions. No significant drop off like manual stringing.

Yes, the stand is height adjustable from tabletop level up to 42 inches in height for sitting or standing operation.

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